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About Z-CAL

Z-CAL is a veteran-friendly, mobile and customizable calibration franchise opportunity. Available in almost every state, this innovative calibration franchise provides franchisees with the opportunity to offer same-day service to many possible industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical and defense. Most importantly, Z-CAL is the first franchise of its kind in the nation.

What makes Z-CAL unique and quite possibly one of the best new franchises is the mobile office. Pictured on the right, the Z-CAL van is a fully-equipped, temperature controlled and rent-free office. This mobile office prepares franchisees for any calibration need that a customer may have. The availability of on-site services place Z-CAL ahead of the industry’s curve.

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Everyone has different needs, skills and resources; therefore, we created a new approach to franchising that’s not restrictive. By customizing the business to your particular wants and needs, a franchisee is set for unlimited growth potential.

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Lastly, the military is one of the largest calibration and inspection trainers. With thousands of qualified veterans in need of employment, Z-CAL can be the next step toward securing financial independence. To help veterans, Z-CAL is offering to waive the franchise fee for the first five most qualified veterans. In order to qualify, a veteran must have a minimum of five years of military calibration experience as well as five years at a commercial laboratory. Thereafter, we offer a 10 percent discount to all veterans. We want passionate, hard-working go-getters on our team.


Z-CAL offers a wide-range of training options. First, after a franchisee chooses his package, he will be trained in one or more of the following: comparators, scales, electronics, basic, threads, pressure gages, torque, temperature.

Next, Z-CAL also offers classes that range from theoretical concepts to sales and marketing information to more hands-on practice, such as gauge-adjustment training. In addition, Z-Cal provides year-round sessions for franchise owners to brush-up on specific topics or to learn about another industry sector.


Mobile calibration is set to take over the calibration industry. Z-CAL’s innovative mobile concept eliminates rent and utility bills, saving the franchisee thousands over time. The state-of-the-art, temperature controlled Z-CAL van is your office and work station. Each van comes fully-stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment found at our main laboratory in York, PA. Equipped with “sure-power” hook up, this van will cut lead times on calibration jobs. Franchisees will be able to offer customers with convenient same-day service at no extra charge, by an ISO-17025 accredited technician.

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How to Customize Your Franchise

Everyone has different needs, skills and resources; therefore, we created a new approach to franchising that’s not restrictive. Franchisees customize their franchise to fit into their lives, whether that is Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11pm-7am, or weekends only.

Z-CAL franchisees also choose which instruments to be trained on as well as which package to purchase. Packages range from $150K-$350K. Lastly, it can be a partnership or a solo operation.

Z-CAL is Veteran-Friendly

Founder/CEO Avyayam Dave has had the pleasure of working with and hiring some outstanding veterans. Through the years, he has learned more about the issues surrounding veterans such as unemployment, problems receiving benefits and access to basic resources. With the current economic situation, he designed Z-CAL to aide veterans.

As a member of Vet Fran, Z-CAL works to find avenues to support veterans interested in becoming franchisees or small business owners. Z-CAL is a constant fixture at expos and job fairs, presenting opportunities for veterans.

Most of all, veterans have the skills that Z-CAL is looking for. From technical training to discipline, the military is one of the top trainers for the skills necessary to run a successful Z-CAL franchise. Therefore, incentives were created specifically for veterans such as waiving the $25,000 franchise fee for the first five most-qualified veterans. In order to qualify, a veteran must have a minimum of five years of military calibration experience as well as five years at a commercial laboratory. All veterans thereafter will receive a 10 percent discount. Z-CAL believes this is the first step to assist returning troops to succeed.

Are you a veteran? Click here to receive more info about our opportunities with you.

Avyayam Dave CEO/FOUNDER
Avyayam Dave

Avyayam Dave is the Founder/ CEO of Z-CAL and the current President of a calibration laboratory, Micron Inspection and Calibration Services (MICS). Dave saw the calibration landscape change in the past few years as fewer companies sent their small instruments to MICS and more and more requested on-site services. With more than 50 percent of MICS business now being done on-site, Dave created Z-CAL as a mode of conveniently servicing various industries nationwide.

Previously, he was the Director of Quality Assurance at Southern Die Casters, Inc. for more than a decade. His background is in Calibration and First Article Inspection. He is a Certified Lead Auditor of Quality Systems and Statistical Process Control. Dave graduated from the Monipal Institute of Technology in 1983.

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